The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
Amy Tan
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Apr 7, 2022

The Joy Luck Club follows the story of four Chinese immigrant mothers and their daughters. Tan does an excellent job in portraying an immigrant mother and her first generation daughter relationship. She also does a great job in representing generational and cultural differences as these mothers move to America, and their daughters learn to assimilate. Each chapter talks about a different person, their story, and what they have learned from it.

I really enjoyed reading The Joy Luck Club because I could relate to many of the mother-daughter relationships. I think it was interesting to read about each of the women’s stories and what life they led before they moved to America. I would recommend this book if you like learning about Chinese culture because there are a lot of references. It’s also a great book to learn about how immigrants feel about moving to a different country and what first generation kids might do to assimilate to a different culture.

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Niki S.

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