The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial
Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
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Sep 11, 2023

The Iron Trial is the first book in the Magisterium series by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. The story follows a young boy named Callum Hunt, who has been warned his whole life to stay away from magic and the Magisterium, a school for young mages. However, when he is selected to attend the Magisterium, he reluctantly embarks on a journey of magical education. There, he makes friends and discovers secrets about his past, including a prophecy that may tie his fate to the dark forces threatening the magical world. The novel combines elements of friendship, mystery, and magic, offering a compelling coming-of-age tale set in a richly imagined fantasy world.

One of the most compelling aspects of The Iron Trial is its ability to blend familiar coming-of-age themes with a unique and imaginative magical world. I was drawn into the story through the journey of Callum Hunt, a relatable protagonist who grapples with self-discovery, friendship, and the complexities of magic. The suspenseful plot and intriging mysteries kept me engaged, and the authors bring their knowledge in crafting fantasy worlds and compelling characters to this book. The only disappointment I had with this book is that it felt very similar to other fantasy books. It felt like it had the same structure just with different characters. However it is still a very good book. I would recommended this book for people who like young adult fantasy who enjoy stories of magical schools, character development, and intricate world-building. It's also a great choice for those who have enjoyed the works of either Holly Black or Cassandra Clare in the past, as it combines both of the authors' styles. The book is an engaging start to a series that has a blend of magic and coming-of-age themes.  

Written by
Mahad Zamir

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