Invictus by Ryan Graudin
Ryan Graudin
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Jul 10, 2023

Farway McCarthy knows he is destined to be a time traveler, after all, he was born outside of time. But when fails his final exam, Far doesn’t know what else he will do with his life. Gathering up his friends, he gets the chance to time travel, even if it may be illegal. His crew gets tangled with a time altering event and have to find a way to save time and themselves. 

When I chose to read this book I hoped there would be paradoxes, alternate realities, things like that. And it did not disappoint. It was cool how the ending was at the same time, but almost a different reality which came full circle. There were definitely plot twists that I did not expect. However, I did think that it dragged on in parts that weren’t really important to the storyline. 

Written by
Gretta K.

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