Kat Falls
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Jul 22, 2015

The America that we know is gone - destroyed by war and a biological disaster.  The country is split in two. The dangerous East is full of human survivors riddled by mutation. Lane has always lived in the West, behind a giant wall meant to keep her safe from the feral, mutated creatures of the East. She soon learns that her father is a fetch -- hired to travel into the Feral Zone and retrieve valuable art. When he doesn't return she is forced to go into the feral zone to save him and also finish his mission -- retrieve something of value for a high-ranking official. If she fails, her father will be executed. As she ventures out into the Feral Zone, Lane discovers that her father's bedtime stories about an adventurous girl, killer robots, talking animals, and a wild boy weren't really stories at all.

Reviewed by Angel T
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