The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Jun 1, 2022

Rating: 4 My rating for this book is a 4 because the book had a great plot line and it was well written. I also think that the book was using too much suspense at times which is why this is not a 4.5.

Summary: This is a book about Avery, a teenage girl who was trying to live her not so good life until something unexpected happens. She is left with Tobias Hawthorne's, who is really rich, inheritance after he dies. She then has to constantly worry about who is a friend and who is just trying to take advantage of her. She then works with the four Hawthorne brothers to figure out why she was chosen and what she should do next.

Recommendation: My recommendation for this book is anyone who wants to read books about suspense and a bit of competition in a way. I would recommend the interest level of this book to about 13-18 year olds. I would recommend the reading level of this book to about 10-18 year olds. Overall, I would widely recommend this book.

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Aadit G.

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