The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Aug 13, 2022

One day she lives in the back of an old car; the next day she is a multi-billionaire, owns a vast
estate, and lives in an abnormal household with hidden clues, untold stories, and mysterious
places. Well, that’s what happened to Avery Kylie Gambs when she abruptly found out Tobias
Hawthorne, one of the richest in the country, left all his money and property to Avery; here’s the
catch: no one does know why. Meanwhile, Tobias’ children and four grandsons were left with
close to nothing. Tobias’ will, however, requires Avery to live in the Hawthorne house for a year
- with the Hawthorne family who has shockingly disinherited an entire fortune for a random girl
they don’t know. From secret passageways, dangerous love, frustrating clues, and suspicious
pasts, Avery must find out why Tobias Hawthorne left her everything he owned; to find why,
Avery Gambs must risk everything by playing his alleged game.

Well, this book was filled with
countless twists and turns! Every page perpetuated me to read the next - especially towards the
end. I would say this is the “trust no-one” type of book where every action determines the next.
Admittedly, I did feel as though this novel started of kind of slow; I wish the author revealed
more mysteries towards the beginning so that throughout the novel it described how those
mysteries impacted the characters, rather than keeping the reader guessing till the very end.
Nonetheless, it is a mystery book, so that point shouldn’t exactly be counted as a con, I suppose.
I absolutely loved all the characters; Barnes gives each character a unique personality that
somehow comes together in the plot. I also think that the author did an exceptional job engaging
some romance among the characters while still keeping mystery as the dominant characteristic of
the novel. Overall, I highly recommend this book to adventure lovers, mystery lovers, and
anyone looking for a suspenseful read. I give this book 4.3/5.

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