The Infinite Noise

Book Cover: The Infinite Noise, A lively but dark illustration surrounds two high school teenagers with their backs facing. One teen is smaller, almost nerdy, and illustrated blue. The other is taller, yellow, and is wearing a football uniform.
Lauren Shippen
Mar 1, 2021

The Infinite Noise is a perfect blend of teenage abnormal normalities, presenting common issues such as social pressure, mental healthiness, and sexuality while also bringing the twist of the much rarer gifts of an empath, or one that can feel everyone's feelings around him. Following Caleb, the football player empath, and Adam, the lovable social outcast, The Infinite Noise is an enticing, delightful read that I struggled to put down.     

 I, personally, am often very compelled by any kind of human brain abnormalities, like synesthesia, or like being an empath. It is one of those things that you may have heard of but know nothing about, so it's cool to read about what it could be like, or even to read about what it could be like from someone else's imagination.     

I wish the author wouldn't have brushed over Adam's depression as fast as she did. It seemed almost like an after thought at some points in the story, and it was never even really explained to Caleb, almost like the book was set up particularly to have a sequel.     

Written by
Megan B.

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