I'm So Sure

I'm So Sure by Jenny B. Jones
Jenny B. Jones
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Jul 2, 2022

Bella Kirkwood is back with a new case to crack. Prom is in just a couple of months in Truman, Oklahoma and someone is sabotaging it. Bella is trying to solve this dangerous case with her editor Luke Sullivan when some conflict makes it harder and harder to work together. Will Luke and Bella work together for a greater good even if they don’t like it at first? Bella is also dealing with her ex-boyfriend, Hunter who now seems more friendly than usual. Bella is also wrapping her mind around the fact that Hunter is sick and could possibly die. How will Bella deal with all of these things going on while maintaining her Christian faith?

I, once again, really enjoyed this book in the charmed series. I appreciated the Christian elements in this book very much and found it a good touch to the story. Bella was witty, serious, and sassy all at the same time, which made I’m So Sure a very easy book to read. I’m so sure that anyone who reads this book will enjoy it.


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Anna S.

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