The Iliad

The Iliad
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Oct 31, 2023

The first in the series that includes the acclaimed Odyssey, The Iliad is less celebrated, but just as worthy of praise. While slightly confusing with the number of characters, the few that you get attached to have incredible stories. The meddling gods make for a fun battle as they each pick their side in the infamous trojan war. There are the Greeks, including undefeated Achilles and his “totally straight male friend” Patroclus, Agamemnon, the pettiest of the Greeks, and Odysseus, the smartest of them all. The Trojans include the beautiful Paris, who started the whole war, his warrior brother Hector, and his new wife Helen. The ultimate war book, this epic tells the story of revenge and death with the gods overseeing it all. If you enjoyed this, there are so many other books about the same characters and their journeys. Aside from the difficult language, the fascinating characters and gods make this epic five out of five.

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