If I Could Turn Back Time

If I Could Turn Back Time
Beth Harbison
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Jan 3, 2024

Genre: Fiction, Time Travel and Psychological Fiction

Summary: In If I Could Turn Back Time by Beth Harbison, thirty-seven-year-old Ramie Phillips, despite her success and luxuries, feels an overwhelming emptiness in her life. On a boat trip, she dives off the diving board, only to wake up in the past, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. Confused and questioning her own sanity, Ramie realizes she has been given a chance to change the choices she regrets and reconnect with loved ones she has lost. Throughout her journey, she grapples with understanding how she ended up in the past and what she truly desires from her past and future. If I Could Turn Back Time explores themes of second chances, self-discovery, and the search for fulfillment.

Opinion: If I Could Turn Back Time by Beth Harbison is a captivating book that explores the concept of reliving one's life from age 18 to 37. It had me pondering my own life choices and the opportunities I might approach differently. The story, although a bit confusing towards the end, ultimately reveals the special reason for the protagonist's time travel and her confrontation with reality and turning 38. The fresh perspective and relatable characters breathe new life into the theme of second chances, inspiring deep reflection on embracing the present moment and finding fulfillment. I highly recommend this thought-provoking read to those interested in self-discovery and cherishing the present.

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Aakanksha R.

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