I Kissed Shara Wheeler

I Kissed Shara Wheeler is Casey McQuiston
Casey McQuiston
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Dec 8, 2022

In Chloe Green’s small town of False Beach, Alabama, the golden girl has disappeared.
Shara Wheeler, principal’s daughter and queen bee of Willgrove Christian Academy kisses
Chloe in the school elevator - and then vanishes, leaving only a trail of pink note cards with
confusing messages on them. To figure out this strange mystery, Chloe teams up with star
football player Smith and resident mysterious guitar-player Rory (both recipients of kisses from
Shara as well). Their search for answers will reveal surprising things - about Willgrove, about
False Beach, about Shara, and about themselves.

This book was a fast-paced read, with a mystery to keep you intrigued throughout the
whole book. Though from time to time the prose feels a bit awkward and almost like it’s trying
too hard to seem like it’s from a teenager’s POV, overall I really enjoyed reading this book. The
end is really satisfying (if a bit hard to believe) and the tension between characters feels realistic
and suspenseful. The novel also manages to communicate a meaningful message about
stereotyping certain types of people - like people who live in the South or go to church. I would
give it four out of five stars.


Written by
Mariam S.

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