The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Suzanne Collins
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Feb 20, 2023

The Hunger Games starts off the three (four now) book series that took the world by storm as it
beautifully ripped off the classic Battle Royale. In this book, you get to see the United States far
in the future where a small part of the population lives cushioned lives built off the backs of
starving people that might as well be slaves. In this book, you will watch a sixteen yea old girl by
the name of Katniss (apparently the name of a type of plant) sacrifice herself to protect her sister
Primrose (I guess their parents really just liked plants) from the horrors of the bloody Hunger
Games. The book is thrilling and intense with a prefect balance that makes up a good young
adult novel. I would recommend this book certainly, only I would caution anyone: if you read the
first, you will read all three, and three sucks.


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