How To Make Friends With the Dark

How to Make Friends With the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow
Kathleen Glasgow
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May 16, 2021

The book ​How to Make Friends with the Dark, by Kathleen Glasgow, is a realistic fiction novel. The main character, Tiger, has an unbreakable bond with her mother. Their mother-daughter relationship is deep and understanding, with a few quirks. Everything changes for Tiger when her mom unexpectedly dies. After Tiger loses the person she loves the most, her life goes into shambles. As the book narrates on, changing from first person point of view to second, we see how Tiger’s emotions play out. The best part of the book was the changing points of views, where the reader can understand the pain Tiger truly feels. The cover of the book also represents the book; it kind of shows what Tiger is going through. I recommend this book to people who want a change from regular YA novels.

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Neha K.

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