The House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
Sandra Cisneros
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May 20, 2021

Esperanza is a young girl who moves into a house on Mango Street with her family.  This house   is not what Esperanza dreams of though since it is in terrible condition and it is very small.  The house is in a Latino neighborhood in Chicago.  Esperanza matures during the year.  Esperanza makes friends, develops a crush, and is assaulted.  The novel also talks about some of the tragedies going on in some other people’s lives who live on Mango Street.  Esperanza learns a lot from her experiences and from her neighborhood.  Esperanza vows to exit Mango Street and give herself a better life.  Will she be able to do it?

In a series of vignettes, Sandra Cisneros charts the events going on in young Esperanza’s life.  From moments of happiness to moments of sadness, Esperanza’s journey in The House on Mango Street is a must-read.  Sandra Cisneros sends a message to readers about how women are treated and how horrible this is for society.  I would give this book three stars. The book is very interesting and entertaining as you dive into Esperanza’s life.  This is a relatively shorter read and a great book for all.

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Raghu P.

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