Hopepunk by Preston Norton
Preston Norton
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Apr 7, 2022

Hopepunk is a story about Hope Cassidy.  A girl who grew up in an extremely Christian household being told that rock was the Devil’s song. But this was nothing compared to her sister Faith, who had to lie about her relationship with the record shop cashier, Mavis. But when their younger sister rats Faith out, she makes the decision to run away instead of going to the horrible facility her parents suggested. Her family is now in pieces and Hope decides she wants to rebel. Getting tattoos and staying out later than she should. But when her crush since third grade, Danny, gets kicked out of his house for being gay, she decides to take him in. They become friends, and when he finds out just how good she is at singing, he persuades her to start a band. Along with two other friends they make the band’s personal goal to be better than Danny’s twin brother’s band which is full of garbage opinions and hate filled music.

I loved Hopepunk. It highlighted themes of rebellion, identity, and belonging in a beautiful way. Admittedly the plot was a bit jumbled but that was to showcase just how jumbled someone’s life could be in these kinds of situations. Hopepunk is like nothing I’ve read before. 5/5 stars.

Written by
Tyler H.

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