The Hollow Inside

The Hollow Inside by Brooke Lauren Davis
Brooke Lauren Davis
Oct 6, 2021

Phoenix, a 16 year old, and her mom Nina, live inside a van and steal to get by. Life seems normal to Phoenix until Nina takes them back to the hometown where Nina’s life had been ruined, Jasper Hollow. Nina wants to set the truth straight and let everyone know what had happened. With the help of her daughter, Phoenix, they will take down the man that had ruined their life. When Phoenix finds out information from the man that Nina hadn’t previously told her, she wonders if the life she had been living was a lie. Will Phoenix find out the truth? Read The Hollow Inside to find out!     

This book is full of mysteries and plot twists. I enjoyed how the story revolved around main characters that live differently than the rest of society. I liked how the characters all had flaws and they were original.  The clues set throughout the book force you question characters and the town as you start to piece together the picture. I liked how there were many plot twists and layers set in the book. I enjoyed how the cover shows details that are relevant to the book, such as the van, and Phoenix. I also like how the title connects to the story, because that is what Phoenix feels. Overall, this is a good book and I recommend it to those who enjoy reading mystery, revenge, and thriller books.

Written by
Marium K.

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