Holding Up the Universe

Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven
Jennifer Niven
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Oct 6, 2021

In the young adult novel Holding Up the Universe, Libby Strout and Jack Masselin live two separate lives with the same goals: to be wanted in society. Libby, formerly known as “America’s Fattest Teen” who was cut out from her house after a massive panic attack, and Jack, a high school boy living with Prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces, even the people he loves, come together through a demoralizing prank. This reimagined “enemies to lovers” story of two unwanted teenagers is a great book for anyone who is feeling unwanted or unaccepted in society right now and needs a little inspiration to be who they are. The plot line may lack action and excitement, but the message it gives readers is worth the read. As a side note, this book should be saved for 15 years and older based on the mature content and inappropriate scenarios for young audiences contained in this book.

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Justyna H.

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