Miriam Halahmy
Apr 27, 2017

Life on Hayling Island seems isolated from the outside world for 14 year old Alix. Problems like terrorism, wars, and refugees seem worlds away. But one day at the beach, Alix and her friend find a drowning illegal immigrant who was tortured by the rebels in Iraq for helping the allied forces. Mohammed is desperate to not be deported and now his life falls in her hands. She must face this moral dilemma on her own, one mistake and they will be discovered.

Well, I wasn't sure about the book to begin with but in all it was a great read and I really learned something about what immigrants have to undergo. I don't know whether I could have done what Alix did but it has inspired me to do more. I love this book and I really like the way it has been written in such a mature and tactful style whilst showing the true extent of the situation.

This would maybe be a good read for a younger audience because it deals with a controversial issue in a form that's easy to read and understand.

Written by
Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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