The Heir

The Heir by Kiera Cass
Kiera Cass
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Jan 24, 2021

The Heir​ is the fourth book in Kiera Cass’ ​Selection​ series. This novel takes place about two decades after ​The One​ as America and Maxon’s daughter and heir to the throne, Eadlyn, is of age to marry. During this time, the kingdom is going through a crisis as uprisings are staged to fight the unrest due to the elimination of the castes. Eadlyn is forced by her parents to hold a Selection to distract the people of Illéa while they try to get everything under control.

This book was very problematic. I thought I disliked America, but it is not even comparable to how I absolutely despise Eadlyn; she’s horribly spoiled, conceited, and selfish. I like that Eadlyn is independent and wants to be seen as strong, but she comes off as arrogant and bratty. Additionally, Cass’ inclusion of the scene involving Jack seems questionable at best.

Besides that, I enjoyed the different perspective during this Selection, which gave more insight into the work the Selector must put in, providing some more justification for Maxon’s actions in the previous books. The character development of the original trilogy characters also helped save this book. Aspen, who I didn’t particularly care for in the first three books, took on a more uncle/protector-like role, which made him more likable than his character in earlier installments of the series.

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