Heartstopper Volume One

Heartstopper by Alice Heartstopper by Alice Osemen
Alice Osemen
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Mar 20, 2022

Heartstopper (Volume 1), by Alice Oseman, is a young adult, LGBTQ+ graphic novel. It is the story of two boys, Nick and Charlie, who meet at school and become friends. Soon, Charlie starts to fall for Nick despite thinking that he would never get what he wants. However, Nick is questioning things about himself that he had previously been sure about. Heartstopper is a story about love and friendship while also dealing with issues such as mental illness and eating disorders.

Heartstopper is, firstly, a fun read. The characters are engaging and likable as well as being memorable. However, Heartstopper doesn't have a steady plot. It tells the story of Charlie's and Nick's journey and details their everyday lives yet many of the events don't lead up to a climax. I think that Heartstopper would most probably appeal to readers who enjoyed books by Becky Albertalli or Casey McQuiston but would not appeal to readers who enjoy fast-paced books with a lot of action. I enjoyed the novel because it was relatable and light while still not glossing over important and heavy aspects of the story. The most compelling part of Heartstopper, in my opinion, is that it is upbeat and positive despite the challenges that the characters face.

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Rhea S.

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