The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give book cover
Angie Thomas
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Apr 12, 2024

The Hate U Give is an enticing novel about a young African American girl finding her voice. Starr Park is a girl living in a predominantly black community, although she goes to a richer school in a different community. One day, she is in the car with her friend Khalil when a white police officer comes and shoots and kills him for no proper reason. The news coverage says that Khalil was killed because he had done something to provoke the police officer. Starr knew he hadn't, but she was scared to speak out because of what the police might do to her if she did. However, she is getting pressure from many people. Some are her friends who tell her that if she doesn't speak out, then the same thing will happen to other kids. Others are saying bad things about Khalil and how he deserved it, angering Starr. Will Starr get the courage to speak, or will she have to live the rest of her life being one of the few people who really knew what happened the night Khalil died? 

This book was really interesting! It introduces the harsh realities of racism and although it isn't based on a true story, it is accurate in portraying the lives of many people in our society today. The main character, Starr, seems like a regular teenager in today's society, helping the reader connect with her and how she responds to events in the story. Because of all this, I give this book a five out of five.

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