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Gary Paulsen
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Mar 22, 2024

Hatchet is a novel by Gary Paulsen that is a descriptive look at a near-death survival situation and explores feelings of loneliness, though being more descriptive about the main character’s (Brian) mode of survival. The book takes place in the Canadian frontier wilderness where Brian crashes after the pilot of the small Cessna that is driving him to see his divorced father crashes. Armed with only a hatchet, he must carve up a living alone in the wilderness. A short chapter read, this book focuses on the survival aspect of how Brian adapts and responds to his environment. However, it does little in the way of plot and there is no real resolution after he is saved from his parents’ divorce. The book is very realistic in its portrayals of wildlife, and while lacking in any real plot, delivered harrowing and intense situations that puts the reader at the end their seats. It is a very approachable and interesting book that is entertaining for young children, and anyone interested in the outdoors, but lacks any solid plot that makes it memorable.

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Lucas F.

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