Hallowe’en Party

Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie
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Jan 12, 2023

Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie is a mystery novel. At a Halloween party hosted by her
school, Joyce brags about having seen a murder actually happen. Naturally, no one really
believes her bold claim. Only a few hours later, she is found in the bobbing for apples bucket.
Dead. Ariadne Oliver, a sensational writer, goes to Poirot and insists on his help. Poirot, the
world-famous Belgian detective, then has to discern why this girl was murdered. Was she killed
because she saw something she shouldn’t have? Or was it revenge?

While it’s not the most exciting adventure of hers, Agatha Christie never fails with her
captivating characters and surprise endings. Although the title suggests some kind of
supernatural feeling, the book doesn’t have the spooky feel to it. Overall, a gripping story with
relatable characters.


Written by
Abigail M.

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