The Half Life of Molly Pierce

Katrina Leno
Jan 3, 2015

Molly is driving back, but she doesn't know from where. And she doesn't know to where.  All she knows is that she should be in school, but she's in her car instead. Suddenly she sees a motorcycle speeding up behind her. Somehow she knows that he is coming for her. She passes through the intersection as the light turns red. The motorcycle keeps coming; it runs the red light. A truck enters the intersection, catching the back tire of the motorcycle, sending is spinning.  The rider flies through the air, over Molly's car and lands on the asphalt right in front of her. She brakes, screaming. She jumps out and cradles the stranger's bleeding head in her arms. He says her name. He knows her, but she doesn't know him. Or does she? She can't remember. He dies and Molly attends the funeral with the dead boy's brother who has begged her to please come with him. She doesn't know him either, but he also knows her name.  And many more details about her than he should, for being a stranger. What is going on?!

Molly suffers periods of black out. She has no idea why and no memory of anything that occurs during her black outs. People around her act like they know something she doesn't. It's frightening and confusing. What do they know? What are they hiding? She needs to find out before it's too late.

This is a realistic fiction story, very suspenseful. I personally did not see the end coming in any way and that totally made the book for me. Information is doled out piece by piece, and the reader gets the pieces at the same time the main character, Molly, does. The book is written in a stream of consciousness style, which really gets the reader into Molly's head. If you liked We Were Liars, give The Half Life of Molly Pierce a read!

Reviewed by Library Staff

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