Ground Zero

Ground Zero by Alan Gratz
Alan Gratz
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Sep 15, 2022

Ground Zero is a historical fiction novel written by Alan Gratz. This novel is
about Brandon, who goes to work with his dad at the World Trade Center on 9/11.
This book shows two views about Brandon Cruz’s life and a Pashmina’s life. One
takes solace in New York and the other in Afghanistan. They both have different
stories but face the same issues, about making the right decisions when the
outcome is unpredictable. Reshmina wants the world to be a better place and
terrorism to stop which could save her family. Brandon tries to get out of a deadly
situation while trying to settle his life while trying to help his dad. With many
spoilers in this book, I would say the outcome could be unexpected at any time.
Terrorism stops them from achieving their goals. They try to save themselves and
others by showing compassion and determination in their own ways. They try to
make the world a better place. Even with difficulties or losses they move on. They
succeed by helping others and learning along the way. They help each other in
ways they would have never known before. They both try to continue making sure
these tragic events don’t happen with anybody else.

The most compelling aspect of this book is realizing both their views match
up, and they can be connected to each other’s situation in some way. I wished to
know if they got out of their situations. I was disappointed about the losses they
had to face along the way. I wished they would have the same confidence
throughout their whole situation, and not lose hope. This book inspired me to
think and feel about what can happen if you believe in yourself, and wish to help
others, as well as make the world a better place. I would recommend this book to
readers who like to see how the past and future affects you, and how you can
believe in yourself and help to make the world a better place to be in.


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