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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Charles Dickens
Friday, Apr 1, 2016

A boy named Pip lives on the English marshes as an apprentice for a Blacksmith named Joe (his sister's husband). Pip is supposed to be a common boy just like his family, but he gets the opportunity to meet a family of higher class. Pip's ideology of being common changes into shame for his social class, and he is stuck between family and image. He soon has the opportunity to embark on his Great Expectations without knowing who his benefactor is, and is struck by the harsh society of London.

This book starts out very slow and boring, but soon confronts you with many connections that are least expected. Readers can expect twist upon twist in a jaw-breaking adventure. The book lets readers reflect upon the effects of not only the Victorian Era on society today, but also the impact societal class has on public image.

This book is for anyone older than 14, as it gives new insight on life. Fans of European history will be especially pleased with the way this book turns out, as their are many cultural connections. This book is especially focused on readers who enjoy reality-fiction, as it reflects Charles Dickens' childhood, and the struggles he faced.

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Kritin from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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