A Good Girl's Guild to Murder

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Holly Jackson
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Oct 6, 2023

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder follows a girl named Pip as she tries to uncover the murder of a girl named Andie Bell for a school project with a boy named Ravi, the brother of the boy suspected of killing Andie. Pip isn't convinced that Ravis's older brother killed Andie, and neither is Ravi. They can't ask him because he was soon dead after her, a “suicide”. Pip and Ravi work hard to find out who did this. As Pip and Ravi try to unravel the case, it seems like there's someone actively trying to stop them, and this makes them even more determined. Ravi and Pip’s conflicts and arguing also made it feel like they really were two people outside the case.

I rated this book 5 stars because I loved the pace of the book, everything flowed well together, and it did not seem like anything was rushed or too slow. I thought the ending made sense, and the way they solved the case was realistic and kept me on my toes. I felt really invested in the story. The plot twist also made me so surprised. The characters really felt alive and like they had a real personality. Overall, this book followed a very clear objective and was very realistic, the characters felt complex, and the way all the characters were connected made it very interesting. I would recommend this book to a teenager, it's a very easy read and isn't boring, although it does deal with a lot of harsh topics.

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