A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
Holly Jackson
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Jun 5, 2023

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a popular mystery book written by Holly Jackson.  The book starts off by introducing the main character Pippa Fitz-Amobi. As a senior in high school, she chooses to do her final project on the murder of Andie Bell. A few years ago, this murder case was quickly closed as officials pinned Sal Singh, Andie’s boyfriend, to be her alleged murderer. However, Sal died a few days after Andie’s death. Additionally, Sal was known to be very kind-hearted which caused Pip to believe that Sal was an innocent, and being framed as guilty. So, she takes on the task to find the true culprit of Andie’s death and bring justice to Sal. 

Slowly, Pip’s project transforms into a true detective case as she discovers groundbreaking information. However, someone doesn’t want Pip to be poking her nose into this. Will she be able to find the truth? Only time will tell. 

This book was amazing! The plot was very captivating, and it kept me on edge the entire time. The book was almost impossible to put down! I thought Holly Jackson did an incredible job in creatively formatting the book. As the reader, you will be able to see both Pip’s perspective and her research entries for her project, which helps the reader better understand Pip’s thoughts. For any person who enjoys reading thrilling mysteries, this book is perfect for you!

Written by
Sahasra K.

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