Good Girl, Bad Blood

Good Girl Bad Blood by Holly Jackson
Holly Jackson
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Feb 16, 2024

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder: Good Girl, Bad Blood is a book series that follows Pip, a teenage girl who solves local mysteries. Despite saying her mystery-solving days are over, Pip falls back into the rabbit hole of mystery when Jamie goes missing the day of town memorial. With the help of her friend, Ravi Singh, Pip begins to uncover what happened to Jamie, discovering some of the town’s secrets along the way. Since the police won’t solve the mystery, it is up to Pip to find out what happened to Jamie. Jackson expertly pulls together suspense and mystery, hooking the readers to the edge of their seats until the very last page. The main protagonist Pip is a relatable and determined young woman with impressive investigative skills, which will have readers rooting for her until the very end. Although it can be confusing with the many situations seemingly going on in this book, it delivers quite shocking twists and turns. This book is a must-read for fans of the previous novels!

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