Good Girl, Bad Blood

Good Girl Bad Blood by Holly Jackson
Holly Jackson
Apr 5, 2022

Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson is not only the sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder but also an intriguing continuation of Pip’s hunt to seek out justice in her town. When her neighbor and former friend Jamie Reynolds goes missing, she is determined to find clues and possible suspects that can lead her back to him. This true-crime mystery is not only unique from the first novel but also just as interesting and exciting, which I feel can sometimes be a tough expectation to meet in a book series. If you enjoyed the first book, I 100% recommend this one because the storyline is amazing and it gives off the same twisted vibe as the first one. You definitely don’t know what to expect as you read, which in my opinion, is a great aspect of the novel. Go pick it up!

Written by
Grace K.

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