The Good Earth

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
Pearl S. Buck
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Sep 30, 2022

The Good Earth is a classic of historical fiction over Chinese history and how it affects a farmer
named Wang Lung written by Pearl S. Buck. This book illustrates the farmer’s journey from
looking for a wife and working hard every day on the farm alongside the hardships of dry land
and poor conditions as their family struggles until they finally gain luck by earning money to
continue their farming and livelihood and continue to become richer until Wang Lung becomes a
successful man. How does consequences of being rich affect Wang Lung and his personality
and life is intriguing to read. This beautifully illustrated life of one poor Chinese man and his
legacy will make the reader appreciate Chinese culture and farming as well as life in general.

In my opinion this is the best book over historical fiction. How a poor farmer struggles to earn
money and how once he earns power and money it can corrupt was marvelous and tragic to
read. In the end Wang Lung was a character I loved and hated but someone who truly felt
human and relatable. I also loved how this novel was able to capture the dialogue of how people
say things in Chinese and give a more raw Chinese aspect to the English dialogue. I felt like I
was reading a book in Chinese! In the end the book captures Wang Lung’s early and late life
perfectly with a gripping pacing that never left you bored. A book for all ages that anyone can


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