Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
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Apr 4, 2023

I never expected to read Gone With the Wind. It was a classic and extremely long– but
that was about all I knew. My grandmother one day recommended that I read it, and so I
impulsively decided to. This book is extremely detailed, but not too much so. It treads the line
very close, but I feel the detail is what makes the book good.

I had to work initially to get into the book, but soon to my surprise, I started wanting to
read it often. I think the best part of the book to me was the main character. Scarlett was
extremely relatable and had many good and bad traits that made her complex. So many times I
would relate to her and the decisions she made, and many times, I would not. I also enjoyed the
development of her relationships with everyone throughout the book. It’s so clear to see that
each relationship is well thought out and personal. The ending is what sold the book for me, I
felt so many different emotions reading it, and it made the book feel complete.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend reading this book because it
teaches the reader about life during the Civil War in the South, and also delves into the life of an
extremely interesting protagonist.



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