Golden Boy

Tara Sullivan
Jul 27, 2016

Habo is an albino, but where he lives in Tanzania, albinos are hunted because their body parts are thought to bring good luck. But soon he must leave his family, he is being hunted by a fearsome man with a machete willing to do anything to track him down.

Golden Boy is a thoughtful story about a current human rights issue. I had not really heard about albinism or the issues surrounding it until I read this book. I understood Habo's struggle to reject the lie so many were telling him and truly believe he is worth as much as anyone else, and then his frustration when the world wouldn't understand. This book was shocking and full of triumph and love. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Since I have not read any book like this, all I can say is, read it. Just read it.

Written by
Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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