Going Viral

Going Viral by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc
Katie Cicatelli-Kuc
Nov 22, 2021

Claire Draper seems to have a good life, she lives in New York with her family, and she has a girlfriend named Vanessa. But when a pandemic hits, she is forced to quarantine with her family. After spending so much time inside, she notices a girl across her apartment, sitting on a fire escape.  Claire decides to write a story based around this mysterious girl. She didn’t expect it to gain much traction, but when it does, she does not know what to do. Want to know what happens next?  Read more to find out!

I personally did not like this book. I don’t like how Claire is obsessed with the girl next door, while having a girlfriend. I feel like the author should have written more depth in the characters, since they seem shallow. I wish that the author would have given the reader an explanation as to why Claire does not want to be with her girlfriend. I like the cover of the book though, but I feel like it is portraying the book in a higher sense than it is. I rate this book a 2/5.

Written by
Marium K.

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