Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice
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Jan 23, 2023

Go Ask Alice is the diary of a young drug addict. Our narrator’s life transformed from an
idyllic all-American coming of age story to a life filled with vice. It starts when she goes to a party
and ends up drinking an LSD-laced soda, and is drawn into a life of parties, dubious dealers,
and toxic relationships. Though she is supported by friends and family, she can’t seem to drag
herself out of the addiction she has fallen into, and eventually her life ends from a suspected

This book is very short, which is the only reason that I finished it. It’s presented as a
real-life story when it is clearly fictional and it contains harmful ideas, including correlating
homosexuality and illegal activity. The narrative style is also repetitive and grating, and the
book's purpose could have been accomplished by using actual facts and statistics instead of a
strange narrative with odd word choices. I would not recommend this to anyone and I give it one


Written by
Mariam S.

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