Glitch by Laura Martin
Laura Martin
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Jun 1, 2022

Rating: 4 My rating for this book is a 4 because the book is bland in my opinion and does not have intensive detail. This book failed to get my interest for the most part and I think that is mostly because of the sci-fi aspect of the book.

Summary: Regan and Eliot are paired up in a top secret program that pertains to time travel. They both have known each other and they don't have a really strong bond. In fact, it is more hesitant and both of them look down on each other. They find out about a disaster that will ruin everything and race to save the Academy.

Recommendation: My recommendation for this book is anyone who wants to read books about time travel, action, suspense, mystery, and sci-fi. I would recommend the interest level of this book to about 10-16 year olds. I would recommend the reading level of this book to about 12-15 year olds. Overall, I would only recommend this book very specifically to only some people.

Written by
Aadit G.

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