The Glass Queen

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Gena Showalter
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Mar 1, 2024

The Glass Queen is a wonderful book. It is an interesting retelling of Cinderella but a bit complex as the world it takes place in has fairytales, a well-known phenomenon, fairytales are complex with the participants never knowing what roles or roles they will play at any given time. The premise of this specific book is interesting, but the characters are really the catch. Ashleigh is a strong and caring person, really in the most perfect mix. Due to a health defect, she has spent most of her life physically weak, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She starts out the book strong and becomes stronger as it goes along without losing her charm. She also spends the book battling a possession and dealing with the effects of that which is rather interesting. Saxon is rather different. He is harsh due to needing to be harsh. He has memories of his past lives and complete certainty that Ashleigh is the person who destroyed him in his past lives. 

If you don’t want a POV character who is rather awful to the main character you might not want to read this but overall, this really is an enjoyable read.

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