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The Giver

The Giver

Lois Lowery
Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018

Twelve year old Jonas lives in what seems like an ideal world. Everything is chosen for you, where you live, who your spouse is, what your job is, because, according to the community leader, when people have the opportunity to choose, they choose wrong. But Jonas never expected his life assignment to be the Receiver. He is assigned to learn from the Giver, but not what he thinks he is going to learn. With the help of the Giver, he begins to understand the dark secrets behind his fragile community.

I don't remember reading a book as fast as I read this one. It was a great read. I couldn't put the book down for hours. And I must say it is very different from other dystopian books that I have read.

I enjoyed the beginning, the colorless nature and emotionless people were things that made me want to continue to read the book.This is one of those books that keeps getting more interesting page by page.

Everyone should read this book!

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Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC


This book was so good it made me cry. If you really like this book you should read the book Finding Blue than The Messenger. They are all slightly connected.

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