The Girls I’ve Been

The Girls I've Been
Tess Sharpe
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Mar 31, 2023

Tess Sharpe’s “The Girls I’ve Been” is a fast-paced, thrilling story of survival. 
      A group of violent robbers take the customers of a bank hostage, but they have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. The protagonist, Nora O’Malley, is one of their hostages, as well as the daughter of a con-artist who’s been trained in the art of deception and thievery since birth. Nora is forced to keep her identity a secret to protect herself, her friend, and her partner while still searching for a way to escape.
     “The Girls I’ve Been” manages to be both a shocking thrill ride as well as a gritty, emotional look on childhood trauma. I would give this book four out of five stars for its strong protagonist and great descriptions.

Written by
Alice Summers

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