The Girl in the White Van

The Girl in the White Van by April Henry
April Henry
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Jun 1, 2022

Rating: 3 My rating for this book is a 3 because the book is bland in my opinion and does not have intensive detail. This book failed to get my interest and I believe the main reason was that the plot was pretty basic and I don't think it will hook many readers.

Summary: This book is about Savannah. She gets kidnapped shortly after she has a fight with her mom's boyfriend. She then finds out another girls has been in the white van she was kidnapped in for quite a few months. They then plan and talk to see if they should escape.

Recommendation: My recommendation for this book is anyone who wants to read books about the wild and camping. I would recommend the interest level of this book to about 10-18 year olds. I would recommend the reading level of this book to about 9-14 year olds because of the simplicity of the plot. Overall, I would only recommend this book very specifically to only some people.

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Aadit G.

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