Ghost by Jason Reynolds
Jason Reynolds
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Aug 12, 2022

Ghost is a realistic fiction book by Jason Reynolds. This book is about a seventh grader boy
who wants to join the school track team. His life out of school is tough because he has an
abusive father who tried to kill his mom and him. Although life was hard for him, Charles, a
nearby friendly figure, takes care of them for years. Next, he goes to tryouts and the coaches
were impressed but then he had a fight with one of the bullies. Later the coach gives him a
second chance but to impress the coach he steals a pair of running shoes from the store. Then,
the coach finds out and will no longer be on the team and his mother will be informed. Coach
then reveals that his own father stole his Olympic gold medal to fund his drug addiction. Finally
the coach showed his kindness by buying the running shoes himself for the boy. In my opinion I
enjoyed reading this book because it showed me that kindness exists even after forgiving the
person for what they did. In conclusion, I would give this book 4/5 stars.

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