Free Lunch

Free Lunch by Rex Ogle
Rex Ogle
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Oct 26, 2020

Free Lunch is an autobiography by Rex Ogle, following him through the 6th grade being a kid from an under-privileged, abuse home in a wealthy school district. He's living with his half baby brother, his stepdad, and his mother. His mom puts him on the free lunch program at school and he's confused, but above all, embarrassed. While he's facing embarrassment and judgement from his classmates, he's facing abuse from his mom and stepdad and trying to protect his brother rand help his family. 

I really loved this book; it was not only entertaining by very eye-opening to the battles so many people in our communities face. It isn’t too long of a read, but it is packed with Rex’s real experiences and emotions. I think so many people in so many different situations could benefit from reading this book. I think this book is a solid 5 stars, it is so real and emotional as well as a great read that has you wanting to know what happens next

Written by
Brooke Bazzel

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