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Mary Shelley
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Feb 13, 2024

Frankenstein is a book following the life of the scientist Victor Frankenstein. He creates a monster with a horrifying appearance and a conscience which he immediately abandons upon its awakening. He continues to be haunted by his creation, and the story follows the many encounters Frankenstein and his monster have. Frankenstein ultimately has to grapple with the morality behind creating life as he continues to face the consequences of doing so. 

A classic among literature, Frankenstein both horrified and intrigued me, keeping me constantly wanting more. The book is a very quick read and has a few perspective changes that change the pace. It is a book that reveals the uncertainty and horrors behind creating something new, and this early example of science fiction still holds up when compared to modern stories of the same genre. Readers that want to know where many science fiction tropes came from and people that prefer shorter books will enjoy this book.

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Akif A.

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