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Food, Inc

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Apr 5, 2023

Summary: Food, Inc is a documentary about the food industry. Specifically taking a look at the meat industry and focusing on how things are grown, packaged, and distributed. The movie aims to expose what is really happening inside the meat industry and bring the bad things going on to the light of the world. In the documentary, we can see how the industry is controlled by 5 main companies, and at the grocery store, it is actually misleading what company is selling a product. There is a lot of shadiness and a lack of trust between the people and the producers. The movie also focuses on how people have actually died because the meat industry's production is incorrect. For example, a young boy died from getting E Coli from incorrectly produced meat. Food, Inc’s main goal is to be an activist for a better food industry overall as we can see current animals are being mistreated in harsh living conditions and they are misrepresented. Also, aims to help humans be more in the know of where the food they eat is from. 

Opinion: I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars for many different reasons. To start I do really like the concepts that it talks about. How people should know where their food comes from but I kind of find some of the parts shown a little too much for me. Some clips may make some people a little uncomfortable. But besides things like that, I think this is a pretty eye-opening movie and I learned a lot about the food industry and the meat industry in specific and how crazy the things going on in that industry really are. I also think there is an obvious bias towards vegans and vegetarians as the whole movie makes the meat industry and eating meat seem like an entirely bad thing. But overall a pretty decent movie and watch it if you feel the need to

Written by
Brayden P.

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