Five Survive

Five Survive
Holly Jackson
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Jul 19, 2023

Five Survive by Holly Jackson is a mystery novel about 6 friends going on a road trip together. The night takes a turn when their RV breaks down in an isolated place with no cell phone reception or anyone near to help. After weird things start happening, the friends find out that it wasn’t just an accident, but that someone’s targeting them in the shadows. Little do they know that not all of them will survive the night, and that one of them has a secret that the murderer would kill for.


I thought this book was pretty good but it wasn’t as good as the author’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series. It took me a while to get into the book but as you keep reading, you realize the book is really fast-paced. The story takes place in less than 24 hours so it went REALLY fast, and I don’t really like fast-paced books. I got bored at some parts of the book and couldn’t really relate or connect with any of the characters. The secret was predictable and I wasn’t very surprised. There weren’t many “Oh I didn’t see that coming” moments, which I think is super important in mystery thriller novels. You also already know that one person dies, hence the title. That being said, I think I just didn’t like the book that much because I had high expectations after I read Holly Jackson’s previous series. Overall, I give this book a 3/5.

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Likhita A.

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