Five Little Pigs

Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie
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Jun 15, 2022

Five Little Pigs is a mystery novel written by Agatha Christie. It is the 25th novel in the Hercule Poirot mystery series, but the novels do not need to be read in order. It follows Poirot as he investigates murder of a famous painter, Amyas Crale. The painter’s wife, Caroline Crale, was convicted, but 16 years later, her daughter receives a posthumous letter from Caroline proclaiming her innocence. This book is another classic from Christie. As usual, it’s well-written. In spite of the small number of suspects, five, Christie manages to surprise the reader. The lack of evidence due to the age of the case adds another layer to the mystery and results in the investigation mostly involving conversations between Poirot and the suspects, which sets this novel apart from other mystery novels. Some readers may find this hard to follow at moments, however. The ending is still shocking despite both of the previously mentioned elements, adding to its already well-developed twists and turns. I recommend this novel for all mystery fans, especially those who’ve enjoyed Christie’s other work. I rate it 4 stars.

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