The Final Gambit

The Final Gambit book cover
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Dec 29, 2023

After almost a full year of staying at the Hawthorne Estate, it turns out, almost nothing is what it seems. Toby, who hasn’t made an appearance in months, suddenly shows up. Eve does too, coming back into the picture and perhaps doing so intentionally as to pursue her goal. Main character Avery Grambs persists in solving Tobias Hawthorne’s puzzles, but her journey doesn’t end there. She finds that it all will come down to a chess game (and her wits).

The Final Gambit was the perfect ending (for now) to the series. This story contains even more action and unexpected events than the last two. It’s definitely my favorite out of Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s books so far. Again, this YA book contains some romance and a ton of action and puzzle-solving. I highly recommend this series - even if you don’t usually read this kind of genre.

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Earvin C

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