Fieldhouse by Scott Novosel
Scott Novosel
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Feb 2, 2023

Scott Novosell is eager to play on the Kansas University basketball team. He repeatedly emails
the team’s head coach, and eventually scores an interview with him. The interview didn’t go
well, but the coach advised him to participate in the walk-on tryouts. On the first day, he played
outstandingly, but all of a sudden, he broke his leg and is unable to try out for this season. Will
Scott bounce back and try out next season, or leave basketball behind and focus on other

In my opinion, this is one of the most comforting graphic novels I've read. It has a nice moral of
perseverance throughout the story, which made me attached to the novel. I would rate this book
a 5/5 and would advise people who enjoy sports to read this book. This book is based on a true
story, which makes it even more encouraging to young readers to follow their dreams.


Written by
Leena D.

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