Fear Street: The Beginning

Fear Street: The Beginning
R.L. Stine
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Jun 25, 2023

Summary: The first book in the "Fear Street" series is titled Fear Street: The Beginning by R.L. Stine. Cory, a member of the infamous Fear family and the protagonist of the tale, is set in the year 1900. When Cory and her friends come across an old diary that discloses the sinister secrets of Shadyside, the town where Fear Street is situated, they become involved in a chain of terrifying incidents. As they learn more about the town's past, they learn about a terrible curse that has befallen Shadyside for many years. In Fear Street: The Beginning, Cory Brooks has the role of the protagonist and commands the group. They attempt to end the curse that afflicts their town while navigating the secrets and terrors of Fear Street. 

Opinion: My opinion on this book wouldn’t cover everyone else's. The Beginning may vary from reader to reader. Some people may find the suspenseful atmosphere, the uncovering of dark secrets, and the exploration of the cursed history of Fear Street intriguing. Others may enjoy the supernatural elements and the mystery surrounding the town and its inhabitants. I for one, enjoyed it very much. The suspense and thrill made you very intrigued in the book on what was going to happen next. As for disappointments, it depends on individual preferences. For me, I wasn’t disappointed very often. Sometimes it got very boring and lackluster. It wasn’t providing the real adrenaline before all the scary events happened. However the scary events were written very well. I would really recommend young adults to read this. Especially if you haven’t read any fear street books. This is the first one of the series, so I would really recommend for people who haven’t read horror books to start off with this. It provides the right amount of thrill. Sometimes it may be a little too much, but it still is very good. I would rate this book a ⅘.

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Mahad Z.

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