Far From You

Tess Sharpe
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Sep 8, 2014

Sophie awakes in utter fear. She is in the woods & blood is everywhere. Her best friend Mina is beside her -- bleeding, choking, gasping, dying. The flashback of a masked man stepping out of a car, pointing a gun, and shooting her dearest friend pounds in her head. In the hospital the shock is over powering & at home the reality is too much to bear. Who would kill Mina? Why had Mina driven down the wooded road? Why hadn't Sophie asked more questions? Did the masked man really say, "I warned you?Sophie tries to piece the details together. So do her parents & so do the police. Why were the two girls in the woods? Why were their drugs in Sophie's pocket? Were her and Nina in the woods to make a score? Had Sophie had relapsed? Back to popping Oxy? No! Sophie was clean! Six months, five days, and ten hours. Why does no one believe her? The blood work confirmed it. She was clean! Why are they sending her away to a rehab facility? Why aren't they looking for Mina's killer?


Reviewed by Angel T
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